Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Our gorgeous 3 year old neighbor girl (Ila) loves Kaiden with an incredible ardor. Ila is the queen of drama and nothing brings that out like saying goodbye to Kaiden. It always involves many tears, extended hugs, kisses galore, and uncontained sobs of "Kaiden, Kaiden, Kaiden" while her mom, often quite literally, drags her away to her house right across the street. In fact, Ila's mom told me that she has found her, more than once, at the window staring over to our house and quietly crying "Kaiden, Kaiden, Kaiden". (By the way, you absolutely must click on the second photo in order to really see Ila's distress)


Tara said...

So sweet! I love the thought of Ila sitting at her window crying Kaiden's name :) too cute!

Anonymous said...

Justina! I am on Blogger and Facebook too....just FYI! :) I LOVE your blog! I read the past several posts. You're a great writer and photographer! If you go to my blog there is a link to my facebook there. I'm so glad to have found you again!! I looked for you on mypsace and facebook but I didn't know your married name so never had any luck. Your little boy is adorable by the way!!!!