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Autumn's arrival

"Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth,
burst into jubilant song with music....Let the rivers clap their hands,
Let the mountains sing together for joy." Psalm 98:8

photos from our hike


We finally went on a day-hike when Lisa's friend, Twyla, was visiting from Canada last week. We had a wonderful time and loved the beautiful fall scenery!

Kaiden rode on dad and absolutely loved the hike!

Lis and Kaid a bit worried about the birds.

That's right, when we were eating lunch a couple very friendly birds swooped in and shared our lunch. Hours of fun:)

Baby Shower

Sue and Erika Moog and Holly Schaeffer hosted a wonderful baby shower for Kaiden when we were in North Platte last month. It was great to see so many old familiar faces and introduce them to the little guy.

Kaiden LOVES the little monkey he got that giggles at him. Sara and Hope had him smiling big over it.

It truly amazes me how girls begin liking babies at such a young age. Isn't the mothering instinct confounding? I've had girls who are still babies themselves see Kaiden and yell out "baby!!!" I don't know if Chloe (Holly's daughter) is quite there yet, but she still found Kaiden pretty interesting.

Worn out little Kaiden with his mama, grandma and great grandma