Monday, July 21, 2008

Wedded Bliss

I had the privilege of shooting my brothers wedding in North Platte this past May. The wind was very intense the day of, and despite hours of mowing and preparations for the ceremony to be held in a pasture with tall grass and a gorgeous view, a couple hours 'till show time it had to be moved to a coral where there was at least somewhat of a wind-block. It was still a beautiful wedding. I was so thrilled that they asked me to be their photographer and was hoping to keep it going from here, with plans to start a business. However I underestimated the hours of work it would take me to edit all the images (primarily from lack of experience, I'm sure) and I have decided that for Kaiden's sake it's not something I should pursue right now. I'm still hoping to start a business, and if someone asks me to shoot their wedding then hey, I probably would be thrilled to do it, but I'm going to focus on outdoor portraiture for now instead I'm also looking forward to doing food photography for a gluten-free magazine my friend Julie is starting! Here is a short peak at the day.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Date Night

Last weekend the wonderful husbands of us Emmaus Road girls took us out on the town for a group date. We had dinner together then divided up into groups to play their own version of the Amazing Race on Pearl Street. After that Bran took me out for a delicious dessert and home to watch a DVD that he and the rest of the guys had each made for their wives with a special message conveying their love. It was a wonderful evening. Thanks guys!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Birthday Boy

Kaiden turned one on July 1st! We celebrated on the 5th with a bbq at a park near our house. The weather was pretty sad (very windy and rainy) but it still turned out to be an evening of fun. Kaiden had a blast as he was quite aware that he was the center of attention the whole night...a place he really enjoys being! Mama made star-shaped cupcakes for all the guests and Kaiden got a double stacked cupcake covered (and I mean covered) in frosting. Other than what he got on himself and on Dad, who was brave enough to hold him during the cake feast, he joyously finished it up and was on quite a sugar high for the rest of the night. We love you, Kaiden Brandon.

Mmmm...birthday cake!
The older kids had a water balloon toss and fight, and even though Kaiden didn't join in on that he had a whole lot of fun with the water balloons.

Grandpa, Grandma, and Gigi (great grandma) came and stayed with us for a few days so they could be at Kaiden's party. He had a blast with them.
Pinata time! Notice the change of clothes...Kaiden broke too many water balloons on himself so he had to have a change of birthday ones straight from the package. After dad helped him hit the pinata a few times Kaiden pulled the stick away and started swinging at it himself.

What a big boy!