Saturday, January 27, 2007

Little Moments

I have a new fascination. Borderline obesession?...perhaps. Every morning right after I peel my eyes open I begin what is becoming my ritual belly-stare. Usually it is uneventful, yet somehow incredibly intriguing as I watch my ever growing bump pulsate with the life that is being pumped into the baby's tiny body inside. Some mornings, however, my staring is rewarded by a sudden thump that can only be a tiny fist or foot testing out the boundries of his small dwelling. it's on those mornings that I wake Brandon up to join me in my mezmorized staring. Unable to force his eyelids open, he usually substitutes watching with touching and sets his hand on my stomach. As I feel a twitch I look over to see a huge smile on what otherwise appears to be a sleeping face. It is in those moments that I am convinced I've been allowed to be a part of some inexplicable miracle. And if that isn't enough, I've been given an incredible man to share it with--someone who is not just happy for me, but who is marveling in this beautiful miracle just as I am. Thank you, Jesus, for the little moments.