Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An evening in the life of a Dean

Yesterday evening I was thrilled to find this little fence along the side of the road (a very common thing around here,--if you don't want something anymore put it out on the sidewalk for someone who might.) I have been wanting something like this because fences aren't allowed in our neighborhood and anytime Kaiden is outside I have to be right by his side. I put it up and secured Kaiden inside with a couple dishes of water and some toys to keep him entertained while I went in to make dinner.But after a couple minutes things got too quiet so I went to see what was up, and too-smart-for-his-own-good Kaiden had figured out how to escape.

Much to his dismay, I rigged up a little system to prevent future break-outs and again went in to make dinner.
This time little Mr. Smarty Pants (within about 5 minutes) figured out how to unhinge the fence and escape again.
But then Kaidens friends from across the street came over to play with him and keep him inside.
And he put on a entertaining splashing water show for everyone in response to the laughter it earned him.

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Grandma said...

I have one smart (and VERY cute I might add) grandson!